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Ursula Songweaver

Her story begins in

Case Three~The Hex

Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter

Ursula lay silently

on her besom

She gripped the hawthorn stave and hovered over the tainted reservoir of the Bayou.

The creature hiding in

the murky, brackish water

was aware she arrived.

She could feel his fear clawing at her throat, his panic reverberating in her belly.

He knew his reign over this dark marshland, murdering; pillaging and every other ungodly deed he performed, would now come to an end.

Oh, he would fight... the battle would be to his death.

Drawing on the darkness he worships and the demon familiars he beckons, he would have an army at his disposal.

Ursula’s smile was sinister as she started to hum a victory song.

She cast aside the feathered brim hat she wore and let her sable tresses, streaked silver in the moonlight, flow around her shoulders.

Magic danced and swirled as she now raced toward the black soul of the swamp.

She knew this battle would barely cause her to break a sweat

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