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Bar Fight. Why not ?

“Did Dana take all your money?”

“Every last cent!” Jimmy grinned, before lifting a bottle of beer to his mouth and downing it in one long draw.

“She’s good!” he wiped his mouth with his sleeve, “You should have warned me that she...”

Trudy looked up at him when he paused and noticed his eyes widen as he looked at something over her shoulder.

“Shit!” Jimmy stood and puffed his chest out a bit as he stepped past her, “Stay here… It looks like we got some trouble.”

Trudy turned just in time to witness a giant fist landing on Patrick’s nose.

Rolling her eyes to the heavens, “God damn it!” Trudy leaped out of her seat all the while watching as Leslie tried to stop the big biker from landing another punch on Patrick’s person. Trudy wasn’t at all surprised that this fight started over a political difference of opinion, she heard the biker yell something about “Benghazi!”

The big man turned toward Leslie who had been pummeling him on the back furiously but not causing any damage, she attempted to throw a punch to his jaw, but those damn shoes she wore had her spinning off balance. She fell hard and face first onto the corner of the pool table, “That’s gonna leave a mark” Trudy winced, grabbing a pool stick from the rack on the wall as she passed.

The biker’s attention was now on Jimmy who rammed into his midsection with absolutely no impact; the giant let out a bark of laughter as he backhanded the smaller man, knocking him clean across the crowded space to land on a table full of rowdy patrons.

Trudy scanned her surroundings, sidestepping a few drunken hecklers and continued toward the giant, all the while holding the cue stick and testing its weight.

Patrick looked dazed, the girls were hiding under the pool table, and Jimmy was now in another fight with one of the men that he landed on.

The big biker turned back to Patrick with the intent of ripping the red, white and blue, “I’m With Her!” Hillary Clinton T-shirt off his cowering body. Hearing fabric tear, she approached as Patrick let out a blood-curdling scream, Trudy struck deftly with the cue stick.

She was precise and deadly accurate as she took down the giant. He didn’t make a sound before landing hard, next to the jukebox.

She quickly squatted down before Patrick who was profusely bleeding from his nose.

“I can’t believe you wore that damn t-shirt to a biker bar!” Trudy brushed his soft brown hair back from his forehead and taking off her hoodie to stop the flow of blood.

“I’m sorry Trudy… I forgot I had it on” He let out a low moan and covered his nose with the fabric.

“I just took off my jacket to play pool and within seconds… fat boy attacked me!” he looked over at the motionless biker

“Is he dead?” Patrick tried to sit up, but a dizzy spell forced him back to the floor.

“No, he is…”

“You bitch!” The screech came from over her left shoulder.

Trudy stood up just as the screamer landed on her back “Stay put!” She hissed at Patrick, who once again tried to rise.


The attacker wrapped her skinny, but surprisingly strong arms around Trudy’s neck

“Git her Jenny!” a toothless man wearing a white sleeveless t-shirt and a Dale Earnhardt Jr. ball cap, shouted from Trudy’s right as she backed into the nearest wall, knocking the hellion off of her.

Spinning around to face her, poor Jenny didn’t have a chance. Trudy warned her that she was trained to fight and that her hands were considered lethal. The crazy bitch rushed her anyway; Trudy landed a quick punch that knocked Jenny over a table full of drinks and on her ass.


The toothless guy came at her, putting his hands on her shoulders as she turned towards him, she grabbed at his upper arms as she gave him a long knee to the groin. He bent over, and she landed a front thrust kick which dropped him down to the floor next to Jenny, who was sobbing uncontrollably over a broken nose.

Trudy stepped back before noticing that Jimmy looked as if he was in a bit of trouble as fights were now breaking out all over the bar. She peered underneath the pool table to where Dana was eating an order of French fries while Leslie held a glass of ice to her rapidly swelling eye.

“Get Patrick and go out the back door!”

Standing up, she grabbed another pool stick that had been abandoned on the table ignoring Leslie’s shout and dashing toward Jimmy, who was trying with all his might to not to be choked to death. Trudy landed a blow on the back of his attacker that dropped the man to his knees, breaking the cue stick in half. Jimmy finished him with a fist to his eye.

Looking down at their handiwork before nodding to each other

“Let’s get out of here!” They made their way with haste toward the door.

“Not so fast!” There were four hairy bikers, and they were blocking the exit.

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