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Mystery, Romance, Humor & Dead People!

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After a near death experience, Trudy has concluded that solving cases involving the paranormal might be just as dangerous as being a cop.


The next case takes her and Jason to an oceanfront Inn on the Jersey Shore - where a young opera singer resided until she disappeared in June 1919. While researching, the team uncovers evidence of a white slave trafficking ring that points to the ghostly residents still in attendance.


 Meanwhile, Trudy and Jason’s relationship gets tested as Trudy finds herself tangling with Demons and any other dark specter that wants a piece of her. But it’s a bar fight where she is protecting her team-Is what pushes Jason over the edge and has an FBI pal do an investigation into Trudy’s dark and very private past-When Trudy finds out... all hell breaks loose.


As the team races discover what happened to Johanna but also where the girls were abducted and kept, the spirits become even more violent.


Trudy, while keeping her focus on the case, must decide to either walk away from Jason and his dirty deed or do what she does best-fight to the bitter end for the people she loves.

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