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We didn't pick him

Somehow he chose us.

When he arrived, he was big, awkward, and in my opinion, a bit of a goofball.

Yet, he had an intensity that made folks think twice before approaching.

Many an announced visitor did an about-face outside the front door of our home when they were met with his massive presence in the picture window.

We once cleared out a crowded waiting room at the vets just by innocently showing up.

“Hell no.” I heard one woman murmur as she snatched up her twin Pomeranians and just about ran out the door.

Sure he was misunderstood...

But my boy sure could send Deviants, living and dead - if they were not of the highest good, far away from us.

A true gentle giant.

The truth is... he wasn't as fierce as he appeared. Underneath that massive sinew and brindle hide was the most beautiful tender heart. The kindest beast ever to walk or stomp on four paws.

And for whatever reason, he chose us.

As Jaxson aged and I became ill- he took on the role of support buddy and carried me through my darkest days.

My gentle boy offered himself as a soft place for my broken body to land while his fur absorbed a torrent of tears.

He’d lay beside the bathroom door, whimpering when I needed to hug the toilet instead of him.

This went on for days, months, and a year and a half later—I honestly believe that much of my healing was in response to his unconditional love.

Sigh... So here I am in the twilight of my despair. Jaxson’s elders have arrived at the portal to welcome him into the heavenly pack.

His head lays gently on my lap as I now soothe the worry from his furrowed brow.

Weakly he raises his eyes to meet mine one last time.

I can barely utter the words as he is departing,

“Thank you for choosing us.”

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