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Hello Joy

Good morning.

Nothing like a nice walk with lovely scenery to put life in perspective.

With each step, I pondered the challenges in my life in a very good way. (it must be all those happy endorphins pinging in my brain while climbing the steep hills of Upper Burrell. ๐Ÿ˜

But the message I kept receiving came through, loud and clear.

โ€œI am the only one responsible for my joy. โ€œ

Hmmm... Not really a new message and is always a bit tough to hear, but it certainly is the truth, and there's much more to it to be considered.

Let me explain...

While reflecting on the past few years, I know my healing wasn't a solo endeavor. Goodness, I'm blessed with the best people who supported me through my darkest days.

But when I think about it, that support came through absolute love and joy! You, my people, never let me feel sorry for myself. Instead, you listened to my stories and supported my online ramblings. Sure, you may have shed a few tears- but most importantly, you shared laughter with me, and that laughter, those moments of glee, lifted my vibration so I could ultimately heal.

I guess it is true, we are all but energy, good and bad, and our vibrations have an impact.

In my situation, I was influenced during my illness by seeing life continuing around me. Babies were born, people fell in love while others embraced significant life changes. Your joy was everywhere, and it was contagious and was the thing that pushed me to fight.

Now I realize people are suffering, and it will always be that way and my situation could have gone way differently. But one thing I knew I wouldn't be controlled by fright or sadness.

When I was going through chemo - I joined a breast cancer support group for like a month. I ultimately couldn't be with a group of people who focused only on their problems. I began having symptoms and side effects I didn't even know existed.๐Ÿ˜ฌ

I tried, I did, to breathe positivity into the topics, but It wasn't easy, and I realized it wasn't my job to save anyone. I knew the best thing for me to do was be a good example, and perhaps I'd inspire a healthy response from someone going through the same thing as me.


I then decided what I needed was to be around healthy people because, seriously, that's what I wanted for myself. Good health!

Isn't there a saying, โ€œFocus on what you want and not what you don't want?โ€

So in retrospect, my advice to myself (and anyone who needs to hear this)is to focus on joy ~for happiness is a contagious thing, and without even trying, that love that euphoria may just touch someone else's life.

Blessed be

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