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Time to meet our Ghost from Case Three-The Hex. Coming soon.

Dominique LaTour is a young woman from Bogalusa Louisiana with special powers.


They carried Cecilia kicking and screaming to the bank of the creek. Dominique could tell her friend was weak from exhaustion but she still fought them any way she could and when Buck pulled back his arm to deliver a strike, Dominique stepped from the shrubs “Stop!”

He didn’t though, Dominique wasn’t sure he could hear her over Cecilia’s screams. Horrified, she watched as Buck climbed on top of her friend and knew prayers be damned, she had to act fast.

She bent down and grabbed a fistful of the sandy soil and called on the dark energy simmering just below the earthly plane. Chanting and embracing the powerful loa’s who came to her aid.

She balled her hands into fist and felt the current engulf her.

Full of rage as she watched Buck run his hands over Cecilia, she pitched a ball of energy toward him and the loa’s followed. They struck him hard and rolled him away from the girl. Next, she swept up her hands and shoved at the air, sending Joey five feet back into the deeper water, where Dominique submerged him with her eyes.

Cecelia, realizing she was free, climbed to her feet before running up the embankment to retrieve her clothes. Buck whose face was riddled with fear, backed slowly away from Dominique’s now sizzling form. When he went to dive under the water, she guided the energy to strike again, this force so fiery it burned a path along his shoulder blades.

Buck screamed in agony, dove under the surface and swam toward the other side of the creek where Joey was already waiting. She watched as they scampered up the hill, and waited until they disappeared from sight.

Spinning counter clockwise, Dominique soothed the energy around her and wiped her brow.

Once the loa’s were calm, she slowly picked her way along the path, retrieving Cecilia’s forgotten shoes and made her way to the road.

Dominique knew when she saw Pa driving toward her in his beat up old truck that she was going to be sent away. #trudyhicksghosthunter

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