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The rhythm in the writer.

While I write... I can't explain the rhythm I hear, and I notice my fingers tap along the keyboard, keeping time.

That could be why I always have those extra unneeded words that drive editors crazy- lol In my mind, it fits Into the cadence, making it totally appropriate.😜

Last night, while rewriting a chapter, I stepped away from the storyline and let the words flow in the rhythm vibrating through me and ended up writing a song err something.

Perhaps this is a lesson to share- There are limitless possibilities -once you find your rhythm. 💫 🎶💫💕

In keeping with the genre I give you a very witchy song.

No title.

She is your darkness

Your guiding light

She comes to you in whispers

carried upon the twilight

You are her prisoner

Captive delight

Among the moon and stars

faceted jewels of midnight

Held inside a trance you dance

A spell so forbidden you take the chance.

When the sun sets- it's last ray

she’ll draw down the moment,

spark the flame.

Prison of passion, a bittersweet taste

In the glitter - the throes

You call her name

Behold your lover

The mistress of dreams

Mystical rhythms-

lascivious stirrings

Face your demons

as those flames unite

In the momentum

Better hang on tight

How the truth catches on the breath

once the clock strikes twelve it gets laid to rest

When the dawn lays beckoning

Face to face comes the reckoning

Like the sun in her glory

You rise

Adored illusion disappears

into veiled disguise.

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