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Lori Zaremba has done it again! I cannot get enough of Trudy Hicks and her ghost hunting adventures. This series is shaping up to be one of my all time favorites. Between the amazing writing that wraps you up entirely in this world and the non stop action, mystery and romance I can’t pick up either book in the series without devouring them. Lori Zaremba does such a brilliant job seamlessly weaving together the past and present as the mystery unfolds. More than once I found myself with goosebumps brought on by how emotional and intense some of the scenes were! This time Trudy and the gang are not only unraveling the mysterious past of the former owners of this inn, they’re also tackling a case of missing girls from a hundred years in the past. I adore how the ghosts themselves and their lives are as much a part of the story as Trudy, Jason and all their friends are. It’s almost like getting two books in one as the story of everyone from the past weaves its way through Trudy and Jason’s story. Trudy and Jason also have their own battles to fight in their lives while solving this haunting. The closer they become the more battles they have to overcome between Trudy’s past and Jason learning to adapt to her brand of crazy. Through everything though this couple is a team that holds strong. I am beyond excited to see where the next book is taking us!(less)

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