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The only control I have is in the words I write.

Excerpt from The Falcon Motor Witches

Backstabbing Beelzebub

“Enough!” Maximus shouted over their screeches, silencing them.

“I have heard enough out of both of you.” Ursula watched wearily as both Vivian and Morgan shrunk under his ire.

“Especially you.” He took a step toward Morgan. “Ignorant and self-serving... You—”

“Careful.” Ursula felt a stab in her heart at Morgan’s crestfallen expression and quickly tugged on Maximus’ sleeve,

“Don't say something you’ll regret, Sire.”

Ursula braced herself for the wrath coming her way. When Maximus turned to face her, his eyes sent chills through her body.

“Or what, Priestess? You’ll turn me to a frog or seal my lips shut?”

“Don’t give me any ideas.”

Ursula quipped and reached for Vivian's elbow.

“Go and take Morgan with you- I will deal with you two later.” She hissed before turning to face Maximus once more.

“No, the coven stays here. Ursula, you come with me.” He hooked his arm around hers, and when she jerked free, a black object fell from the sky and struck Maximus atop his head.

“Oh, there's my boot.” Ursula scoffed at the vintage Valentino landing a few feet away.

“You're lucky that five-inch heel didn't impale you.” Ursula gasped and peaked at Maximus, whose expression was that of pure outrage. Ursula stepped back, concerned the man might murder her. In a moment of complete idiocy, he lunged forward, ignoring her yelp, and snatched her up with a snarl before rudely tossing her over his shoulder.

Ursula not only saw red but also stars from the jarring pain in her shoulder.

“Please don't hurt him,” Oya called from behind as Maximus carried her through the door to the garage.

“Him?” Ursula hissed as she peeked at the shocked faces they left behind.

“Maximus. “ She groaned in agony. “Put me down! I swear I will make the rest of your days a living hell.”

“Ha! Too late.” he snapped.

“Then I will cast a spell you will never sleep again!”

“I haven't slept since you arrived.” he taunted.

“I’ll, I’ll...” she sputtered suddenly out of ideas. The truth is she didn't want to conjure anything that might cause him harm.

Feeling defeated, she ignored a few remarks made by some of the mechanics as they passed through their work areas.

How could a day so promising turn into such a mess?

Her body ached, and her heart felt broken in two.

When they entered the hallway to the showroom, Ursula struggled once more to be free.

“I could just ruin your life and make you love me.” Her voice cracked as tears slid from her eyes. She watched as a droplet splattered on the floor when Maximus came to a sudden halt.

“Haven’t you already done that?” He scoffed, abruptly setting her down in the hallway outside the cafe.

“Enchantress... Don't you understand that's what scares me shitless.”

With a shake of his head, Maximus blew out a long breath before pivoting on his heel and walking away.

“Wait!” Ursula called out, “King, I'm sorry! I was wrong - I should never let Morgan convince me—.”

But he already slammed out the door.

Defeated, Ursula slid into a nearby chair and buried her face in her hands.

“He just said he loved you- are you really going to let him walk away from you?” Ursula jumped when Roman whispered in her ear.

“Did he really? Or was he complaining I ruined his life—Besides, what can I do?” Ursula sobbed and wiped her nose on her sleeve. She lifted her eyes when she heard Roman chuckle.

“Silly magician, what can’t you do?” The young warlock handed her a handkerchief before going into the cafe.

Ursula took a deep breath and drummed her fingers on the chair's metal armrest.

With a groan, she leaned forward.

“Well, he did expect me to use some magick on him,” Ursula spoke out loud. “At this point, there's nothing to lose.”

As Ursula rose to her feet, she soothed her hand over her bruised shoulder until the discomfort was gone. She then turned thrice and snapped her fingers. A feeling of boldness overcame her, and a smile lit her face. Ursula studied the close-fitting black lace dress she now wore in the reflective cafe window. She then smoothed a hand through her hair and tasted the sweet red gloss on her lips.

No more fooling around. Ursula would take matters into her own hands.

The mechanics stopped to gape, slack-mouthed as Ursula now walked with confidence in her stride as she passed. The air sizzled with electricity as she followed the same path as Maximus did a few moments before.

To a rhythm that came from within, Ursula began to chant.

“Come to me

my lover

Darling of the night.

Seek in me

the fervor of

the gilded light.

Goddess seductive

passions dance.

Engage the moment

seize the chance

Thrice spiral

draw down the moon

Nightingales coo

a fabled tune.

Come hither into

my silken embrace

Woven magick

concludes thy fate.

Upon the shrine,

an ardent potion

Arrive the vapor

In fluid motion.

Sensual perfume

shrouded in elation.

Melodies throb

In robust sedation. “

The door opened as she approached, and when Ursula stepped over the threshold, the bright sunlight was dazzling.

Once her eyes adjusted to the glare, she could see a dark silhouette turning to face her.

The winds picked up, the earth vibrated, and a chorus of some sort started to herald the union. Even though she anticipated this moment, her heart pounded heavily in her chest as Maximus made his way toward her.

“The euphoria rises

onto cloud nine

sacred verdict

legacy entwined”

The way he looked at her with ebony eyes glinting with admiration, desire, and something akin to relief had her quickening her step.

“In the eyes of the guardians

two forging hearts

Merry meet

and...never to part.”

The heavens quieted in a grand pause when Maximus stepped within hand’s reach of Ursula, before continuing the finale.

“Eros, help me,” she heard him mutter over the din. A tremble of anticipation rippled through her when Maximus pulled her roughly into his arms.

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