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Art by Garrett Lakits

Poem -From the manic chemo brain of Lori Zaremba

Century's vanished

in a perpetual curse.

Vile plagued deception

from a wicked verse.

The sage chanted homage

the Deity of Misery.

Proclaim a Galdr

of ancient hierarchy.

Hideous deception

imprisoned in slumber

and formidable despair

delivered asunder.

The trickster flails

In eternal correction

As sorcery weakens

and judgment demented

An Internal prison

twilights fatal weep

Hell and fire

the vengeance to reap.

Tearing at flesh

In self-mutilation

A morbid spell cast

for brutal retribution

Freak, freak!

This Monster spawn

Deluged from the fallen

To prey upon.

In rot, one forms

a devious plot

A place of shadows

where heritage sought.

The skin of a lizard

torn veins and sinew

The beast dons

the incantation

of bloodlet sleuth.

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