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Messenger Lovers

We're heartbroken people

Choosing fantasy

Over touch

It's easier on broadband

Because the anguish is too much

I like you, your words,

I love your rhymes.

Incredible art ~The image

of you- drives me wild.

You're tragic.

Your emotions

darken my feed

I'm human and drawn to a soul

In need

By a comment

A sizzling emoji flame.

You message direct, and we both

become engaged

I'm not naive, my dear heart.

I know there are others like me.

Who sip your elixir

and succumb to the fantasy.

But you see, I'm different

and tho you're sweet

The actuality is

The disconnect doesn't do it for me

I need warmth

Someone to touch

I adore you truly

But my sweetest darling

screentime is simply not enough

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