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Let me love you, long time... Sex scenes and such.

I'm in my writing haze- where the characters and the story consume me. The sex scenes are becoming easier as I figure I'm gonna write them in a way that feels right for me - and if quinoa or a box of Captain Crunch cerial come into play... So be it.

While I was writing a song came to me that I wrote for a recording, that never happened, when I was 17. I remembered it word for word because we practiced it so much. I tweaked it a little😘

Let me love you- by Lori Engler.

Let me love you...

Let me show you everything a woman can- possibly give a man.

I want to show you something.

Let me guide you, to that secret place where lovers lie...face to face.

I want to take you somewhere.

Press your lips -to the pulse- of life -beating in my veins.

Slick sweet sensation as our souls engage.

Tumble with me- into the murky depths of insanity.

I want to give you ecstasy.

Let me have you

At this moment I want nothing less and nothing more- than what we are headed for.

-from me, you can have everything.

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