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Johanna and Matthew 👻

Time to meet our ghosts Johanna and Matthew,

from Case Two -The Kept

Release Date 5.28

Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter. Finally deciding on a private grassy spot in the shade, Johanna was surprised the park was so empty on such a lovely day.

Matthew spread out a thick blanket and helped her to sit, both of them laughing as they bumped foreheads on the way down. His arm snaked around her shoulder, while they admired the ducks floating on a nearby pond.

Feeling a bit warm, Johanna undid the ribbons that held the straw hat on her head and tossed it on the blanket beside her. Closing her eyes, she lifted her face to catch the breeze. She didn’t know what was warmer, the sun or Matthew’s intense gaze on her profile.

Turning to offer him a smile, Johanna asked, “Shall I unpack the basket?”

A strand of her hair got caught in a waft of air, and he lifted his hand to brush it away from her brow. “Lunch can wait,” he said in a low, husky voice. Johanna’s breath caught as his fingers skimmed along her cheek, his face a mere inch from hers. A thrill shot through her as the world stood still. His lips touched hers, and she jumped a little at the shock of it, gentle and sweet. His lips tasted of sunshine.

His hand slid down her back as he deepened the kiss. He pulled her even closer,while strange sensations swept through her body, and suddenly she wanted more. Matthew lifted her to sit on his lap so every inch of her could feel the heat radiating from him, and his lips became more demanding while hands caressed the skin on her forearms.

Moaning, Johanna spread her hands across his broad chest, delighting in the feel of his hard muscles under the silk of his shirt. She was disappointed when his lips left hers but gave a little moan when those same lips found a sweet spot below her ear.

Nearby, a bark of a dog briefly broke the spell, and Johanna pushed away from him, confused.

He wasn’t so fast to release her as he looked longingly into her eyes. “Johanna,” he whispered hoarsely, touching his lips to hers again.

She said his name with a sigh...

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