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I'm still here...

Thank you to my sweet friend Louise for this pink 🐈 (pussy)hat.

I love this on so many levels. Yes, the hat was created to send a very specific message, but for me, it was always a statement of unification — and the will of strong women. #strongertogether

The last couple of months have been rough, and my darlings I won't lie I needed to draw on that amazing stamina.

I'm leaning on the strength of so many right now, and the support from loved ones and strangers alike, quite frankly, has brought me to tears.

Cancer sucks...

What keeps me going?

I think about the strong women who've fought this battle before me and the one's who fight daily a magnitude of wars that entail a plethora of injustice.

I realize there will be many diagnosed after me. I hope I too can lend them strength. 💪


I wrote the dedication below in my third book, The Hex, last year. The message seems so very relevant.


This book is dedicated to the survivors, the fighters, the ones who never give up.

I'll be honest, the first couple of punches knocked the wind out of me, catching me off guard.

My pulse raced, and I blinked back the tears forming in my eyes.

I lay there, stunned." Don't give up. You've been through worse!" I choked on my failures and tasted the blood of my insecurities.

I heard a voice crying out over the throbbing pulse in my head,

"Don't quit... don't you quit.”

Determined, I got up slowly, albeit awkwardly, and willed my broken body to dance.

Sure I made a few wrong moves, but then- and just like that; I found my rhythm.

Please know I'm climbing my way back to my craft- I tend to finish The Damned, the final book in the Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter series by April.

I find that I really need to write about my hero and draw from Trudy’s amazing strength.

I appreciate you, my readers and friends, and the support you've shown me.

Overhand right -night, night cancer!

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