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I am writing Case Four- The Damned!

This will be the best one yet! Why? Because it's based on the land on which was raised.

I wrote this poem for another project- while sitting in the thick of this sacred land.

The more research I'm delving in, the more I realize this poem was whispered in my ear that day as a cry for the truth to be told...👻

Coming soon ---

Case Four- The Damned.


Near, Old Mill Road

In Milligans Hollow.

There is a sacred place.

The lore states if the tainted soil is disturbed

From the mists, the dead shall rise

Hundreds slaughtered

At the hands

of an ancient madman.

Their voices rise above

the gnarled coppice

Careworn moans of

Indefinable sorrow.

These phantoms cast

their wrath of misfortune-

on any living soul

who crosses their cursed path

Into the darkest ruin

Condemning them to

a lifetime of tribulation

and their souls fated to the darkest recesses of the nether world.

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