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Douglas And Vanessa-

Meet our ghosts from Case One-The Deceit. Trudy Hicks: Ghost Hunter.

Douglas and Vanessa a love riddled with deceit.


He grinned wickedly, his eyes roaming her body. Smugly, he walked into the room. “Aren’t you going to at least offer me a nightcap?” He raised his brow to the crystal decanter filled with brandy that sat on a small bar cart in the corner of the room.


He took a step toward her. “Well, then, how about a kiss goodnight?”

She backed away from him and ran into the nightstand beside the bed. “Ouch! Douglas, you’re fried.” Trying to maintain her composure under the onslaught of emotions that were tugging at her, she didn’t have the strength to do battle.

He stood before her and lifted his hands to cradle her face. “Actually, my dear Vanessa, I have never been soberer.”

In a trance, she allowed him to pull her closer so his lips could brush her forehead, her eyes, and her cheek. Finally, he captured her mouth with his. She felt her knees give out, and he gently lifted her onto the bed. Sitting next to her, he pulled the band from her hair, all the while tasting the delicate skin below her ear. Shivering, she wrapped her arms around his neck, and together they fell back on a pile of satin cushions.

She looked intensely into his eyes and was overwhelmed by the raw emotion she saw within their depths. She knew he had no more control than she did. Now empowered by the desire that seethed between them, she ran her hands under his shirt to touch the warmth of his skin. Deciding she needed to remove the obstacle, she impatiently tried to unbutton his shirt. With a snarl, he ripped it off and covered her once again with his warmth. His hand undid the sash of her robe and pulled it free to reveal her beauty to his dazzled eyes and wandering lips. Desire gripped her, and she soon found him naked between her parted thighs.

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