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Case Three - The Hex


Trudy has discovered that Hell exists. How? Well, to save the man she loves, she’s embarked on a journey to its most profound depth.

Case three, Trudy and Jason bring their newly combined business to an Antique Store in the Big Easy.

The cause of all problems is Voodoo Queen, Dominique LaTour, who ran a brothel there until her untimely death in 1969. What’s even more peculiar it appears as if Dominique has now possessed the body of the cleaning lady.

While trying to gather evidence and make some sense of this unusual case, the fabled Papa Legba pays Trudy a visit demanding that she deliver the queens soul to him by the new moon or he will take Trudy’s instead. That’s not even the worst part. The Voodoo Queen outmaneuvers Trudy and does the most horrifying thing imaginable. She steals Jason’s soul and uses it as collateral, forcing Trudy on an impossible mission of finding a magical relic, Obeah’s Veve. Dominique refuses to cross over until it is once again in her possession.

Trudy is way out of her element. The thought of losing Jason is more than she can deal with, and her skills are nothing up against these powerful magic practitioners.

She’s facing impossible odds, but then some badass Witches show up and help her chase the Veve to the most disgusting recesses of the underworld, where she must fight in the name of love for her freedom. If she loses, Trudy will damn her soul there for all eternity.

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