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CaseTwo-The Kept

Release date 5.28.2019!

Case Two -The Kept.👻

Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter

Excerpt “Dig deeper!” Trudy tormented from where she squatted behind Jason. She was thoroughly enjoying the view. Jason’s tank top saturated with sweat, clung to the defined lats and traps and other well-formed muscles of his back as he worked the shovel.

He snarled over his shoulder at her as this was about the tenth or so hole he had dug. Lifting another shovel full of the sandy soil he tossed it to the side. He swiped the back of his hand across his forehead, slicking away a fresh layer of sweat before driving the shovel into the soil once again. The sound of metal scraping metal was definable, and Jason looked once again at Trudy as he tapped the tip of the shovel on whatever metal object was below.

“I think we struck gold, Hicks.” Trudy was already on her knees by the crater he had dug, brushing away the soil and letting out a quick cheer once she discovered it was a small metal box, just like the one she mentioned from her dream.

“Holly shit!” Jason exclaimed when he kneeled beside her.

“That’s pretty freaking amazing!” He said, referring to her dream that led them to the metal box. Trudy slipped on a pair of disposable plastic gloves and used a small spade to dig around the container so she could reach her fingers under the rusted metal and slowly lift the box from its resting place.

Trudy carefully set the metal box beside the hole before testing that it was locked. She reached up to remove the blue bandana that she wore like a headband, shaking it out before using it to wipe the loose dirt from the boxes locking mechanism. She met Jason‘s eyes with a wink as she pulled out a small pocket knife.

Jason came over to squat beside her as she deftly inserted the blade and unlocked the box. When the sound of a click indicated the lock was disengaged, Trudy sent an elated look toward Jason.

“Well well Hicks, aren’t you the talented one.”

She smiled naughtily.”I got some skills, Young.”

He laughed “Yes you do... now will you please open the box!”

It was her turn to laugh, then sobered quickly, she opened the lid.

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