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Case Four ~The Damned


If you believe humans are the only inhabitants committing crimes on our planet, I’ll ask you to think again.

Case Four- takes place close to home as Jason and I take our crew to farmland outside of Pittsburgh, where an eighteenth-century healer and a creature resembling bigfoot are haunting the area.

Deep in the woods, we discover hallowed ground and darkness that has driven the locals to do the unthinkable.

This gloom is affecting my team, and honestly, I'm ready to lay down my sword and call it quits.

What’s supposed to be a joyful time, planning Jason's and my wedding- we are instead battling some asshole entity from an unknown galaxy -we can't conquer.

But in the grips of defeat, a friend shows up and offers her coveted broom.

Can Jason and I, and a bit of sorcery, release the damned?

But more importantly - at the risk of losing our lives- do we want to?

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