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A witches plea.

Introducing Ursula Songweaver better known as Song.

By Lori Zaremba Everyone who knows me, knows I’m a witch- oh I may not flaunt i t, and I let very few into my circle of shall I say trust. However, I have helped quite a few of you realize your joy, giving you success and casting secret spells of love, money, peace, and proper digestion. Yes my dears, that was me whispering encouragement in your ear when you were unsure of what steps to take. Those were my muscles that fended off your attacker when you were alone and ambushed, and that was my broom that smacked you in the ass when... well, you know when and why.

It’scrucial for you to know that I don’t want anyone to fear me- as you should know that the sacred code I live by is “Harm ye none,” and even though my heart belongs to Diana, goddess of the moon. My power breaths from the four elements of air, earth, water, and fire, the very things that give you life. Most folks do not understand that I exist in accordance with the real teachings of Christ, Buddha, and Muhammad. The reason I am coming out, so to speak is that my spirit can no longer remain dormant, my heart is breaking, and the fire coursing through my veins consumes me. Hell hath no fury~ like a pissed off, green-eyed witch! The reason for my ire is that a foreign Satanic Witch for hire has cast a spell, over our beloved country. I saw the ripple of darkness forming some time ago as fear, prejudice, and whispers of racism could be detected amongst us. Since then it has grown with greed, intolerance and now it has taken on a life of its own, a deep seeded festering bile. This incantation has once good men and woman believing that crimes against women and children are ok and pedophiles and womanizer's have acceptable leadership qualities to admire. It now has religious leaders leading their congregations astray and away from the real cultivation of Jesus Christ who if you sincerely understand, then you know that his fundamental teachings were about nothing more than unconditional love. I can no longer stand by and watch this scourge engulf our nation, but my power alone is not significant enough to battle this army of evil. I am calling on all witches, holy ones, light workers, healers, women, men and familiars to grab a wand, holy water or just a sprig of sage and help me cast the darkness from our beloved home.

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