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A Ghostly Opera Singer.

Case Two- The Kept Trudy Hicks Ghost Hunter. Release Date 5.28!Pre-Order5.18


Trudy found herself sitting on a stiff-backed chair in the music room. The room looked quite a bit different from what she was familiar with in the present day. She gazed around, wide-eyed, taking in every detail. Everything was white, from the curtains, the walls, and even the wooden chair under Trudy was a chalky white, as were the twenty-nine matching ones set up in neat rows next to her. The only relief to the starkness was the fabulous red, gray, and gold Persian carpet that covered the wide plank floors and the black baby grand piano Johanna sat before. Listening as Johanna practiced her scales, Trudy felt the tears forming in her eyes. Her tender heart beat with joy as a lilting and sweet voice reached notes she never knew existed.

Full of chills and goose bumps, Trudy was mesmerized by Johanna’s beauty. Her dark hair was swept up off her long neck, and several strands escaped their pins and spiraled from the humidity. The diamond and amethyst earrings on her lobes dazzled, and with every toss of her head prisms and sparkles danced around her. The dress she wore was a white eyelet, long and billowing, and exposed her bare shoulders.

Johanna leaned in closer to study the sheet music in front of her, and hitting a few wrong notes, she seemed to find the melody.

There is a place I shall go, to a dream in the snow,

I shall go.

I will go alone and far away,

amongst the clouds of gold to another time, another place.

I shall go.

The frozen land meets the vast glaciered sea,

To a mountain that touches the bluest sky. Remember me.

I shall go.

Don’t worry, for my soul will find solace in the end

Where there is only joy and no tears…

In heaven

Trudy was overcome with a feeling of sorrow that stabbed her in the chest and took her breath. For whatever reason, she recognized the song No Tears In Heaven from Giorno, the opera Johanna never had the chance to perform. Trudy also realized that even though Johanna sang in Italian, she understood every word and was being blessed with an exceptional performance for her ears only.

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