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A Ghost hijacked my Lincoln.

My visit started out normal... Stepping over construction debris in a house that my niece, Kristen just purchased and is renovating. The house while adorable is a disaster and because Kristen is pregnant I tell her I will tour the second floor without her. The pressure intensifies as I climb the and I feel the funhouse effect because of the uneven floors. I hear a snap behind me and I see legs and feet walking down the hallway. (yes, that sounds weird - but it Requires a lot of energy for a spirit to manifest into a full body apparition )

I follow the direction that the ghostly feet go- but I can't find anything. I head back downstairs.

Next Kristen takes us outside to see the back yard. I leave my purse on the back porch and help my mom down the steps to the yard. We are standing by a little koi pond and my niece proceeds to tell me about the previous owner, an elderly man, who died in the driveway. As she speaking the horn on my vehicle honks three times- just like it does when it's running and I get out with the keys on me. Weird I head toward the Lincoln MKC and grab my purse on the way. I am reaching inside the purse but I can clearly see the vehicle is running. ????

I start running thinking someone is in my car. I approach, and no one is there. I reach the handle and its locked which is unusual because it automatically unlocks when the key fob approaches. I hit the unlock button and I hear the lock open but as I reach for handle it locks again. This happens 2 more times. Finally, I get the door open and the dash says ”no key detected. ” I get the hell out of there.

is in good working order. I just think the elderly spirit hijacked my Lincoln.

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