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A faithful friend from the other side

My brother took this photo last summer on his cell phone. It was supposed to be just a funny photo of his scared little dog seeking protection on grampa's lap during a thunderstorm. Our dad who has always stated a dog should know its place secretly has a tender heart for all our canine companions.

Years back my dad had a beautiful German Shepherd named Princess who adored my dad and he returned the love. He always told us kids that she was the best dog he ever had. She protected their home, looked over the grandchildren and kept the other farm animals in line.

One day while my dad was at work, Princess got struck by a vehicle and died, my dad was devastated..

Time passed and my dad told my mom that he sometimes forgets that Princess is gone because he feels like she is following him and sometimes he almost trips over her getting out of his chair.

When my brother took this picture, my mom and I were also in the room. Both of us are sensitive and I can remember the static in the room and the pressure from the storm was amazing but I never saw the other dog in the room.

Look at the lower left of the photo by my dads chair you will see the unmistakable shape of a German Shepherd.

Princess is right by his feet and protecting him from the storm..

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